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Multi-point discharge Z type hoist

Mainly for solid material conveying, meeting on-site requirements with multiple discharge points

  • Commodity name: Multi-point discharge Z type hoist
  • Commodity ID: 100
  • Description
  •    Hengshui Changhong Rotary Bucket Conveyor (referred to as the bucket) is a conveyor that uses two special chains for special materials as traction components. The two sides of the hopper are fixed on the chains and arranged continuously, and are loaded by inflow, and are automatically turned over and unloaded at low speed. Its name: rotating bucket elevator, Z type elevator, Z type feeder, Z type bucket elevator, C type elevator, C type feeder, C type bucket elevator, S type elevator, T Type hoist, no-breaking hoist, zero-breaking hoist, multi-point feeding hoist, multi-point unloading hoist, packing machine matching hoist, color sorting machine matching hoist, the conveying material temperature can reach 600 degrees.

    1. Hopper:In order to meet the needs of customers, there are diversified materials such as nylon, ABS, PP, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, stainless steel 310, carbon steel and so on.Chain:Using domestic famous brand Zhejiang Donghua chain, our rotary bucket conveyor machinery conveyor chain adopts large pitch self-lubricating roller conveyor chain. Thus, the friction loss of the chain in use is reduced, the service life of the chain is prolonged, and the maintenance and replacement cost is reduced.Chassis:The whole machine can adopt carbon steel cold plate electrostatic spraying or stainless steel structure

    2. Applicable industries:This machine is suitable for conveying dusty, granular, small and medium-sized materials, and is used in food industry, agricultural and sideline products, chemical medicine, activated carbon, building energy, environmental protection, refractory materials, military industry and other fields

    3. Conveying type:The bucket conveyor conveys materials in a closed body. The materials are conveyed through the hopper suspended on the chain. The modular design can realize a wide range of configurations. It can be combined horizontally, vertically and horizontally, such as Z type, C type, E type, L type, R type can also be used for multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading. The whole machine is fully sealed, pollution-free, leak-free, tidy and clean, and the composition is flexible, and it can be vertical in a small space. Conveying horizontally makes the conveying machinery easy to install and modify. Even if the equipment is designed with multiple feed points and discharge points, the bucket elevator requires only one drive, which is equivalent to saving a lot of money in the control system and energy consumption, reducing the number of maintenance for the entire production system, and greatly Improved production capacity.



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