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Special elevator for powdered materials

The Z-type elevator that can transport up to 50m can transport materials with a high temperature of 1000 degrees.

  • Commodity name: Special elevator for powdered materials
  • Commodity ID: 97
  • Description
  • Z type hoist for powdered materials

    The special Z-type elevator for powdery materials transports materials in a closed body. The materials are transported through the hopper suspended on the chain. The modular design can realize a wide range of configurations and can be combined horizontally, vertically and horizontally. Z type, C type, E type, L type, R type can also be used for multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading. The whole machine is fully sealed, pollution-free, leak-free, neat and clean, and flexible in composition, which can be used in a small space The vertical and horizontal conveying inside makes the conveying machinery easy to install and modify.

    Even if the equipment is designed with multiple feed points and discharge points, the bucket elevator requires only one drive, which is equivalent to saving a lot of money in the control system and energy consumption, reducing the number of maintenance for the entire production system, and greatly Improved production capacity.

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