Product overview of Z-type bucket elevator



The Z-type bucket elevator is a conveying and lifting equipment that integrates the horizontal conveying and lifting of materials.

Product overview of Z-type bucket elevator:

The Z-type bucket elevator is a conveying and lifting equipment that integrates the horizontal conveying and lifting of materials. According to the different positions of the inlet and outlet, it is named after the letter Z; one elevator can replace the traditional horizontal convey +lifting+horizontal conveying three equipments, other common names: rotating bucket elevator, induced bucket elevator, Z type elevator, Z type feeder, Z type bucket elevator, C type elevator, C type Feeder, C-type bucket elevator, S-type elevator, chain bucket elevator, hopper elevator.

The casing of this machine adopts segmented combination, the horizontal length and lifting height are optional, the layout is flexible, the area is small, the space of the plant is saved, the depth of the pit is reduced, and the machine is safe and reliable. It is stable and no noise, no spilling, no leakage, no fly dust, easy to disassemble and repair, it is an ideal new material conveying equipment.

The conveying principle of Z-type bucket elevator:

The material enters the hopper from the feed port and lifts to the top with the conveyor chain, and then turns down after bypassing the top wheel. The Z-type bucket elevator dumps the material into the receiving tank. The transmission belt of the bucket elevator with transmission is generally Rubber belts are installed on the lower or upper drive rollers and the upper and lower reversing rollers. Chain-driven Z-type bucket elevators are generally equipped with two parallel drive chains, with a pair of drive sprocket wheels on the upper or lower side. Above is a pair of reversing sprockets, bucket elevators are generally equipped with an organic shell to prevent dust from flying in the bucket elevator.

The Z-type bucket elevator is equipped with a torsion protector as standard. When a metal hopper is used, the faulty bucket machine does not rotate, and the alarm light is on at the same time to avoid accidents. It is safe and reliable. The bucket elevator is in a closed shell. The material can be conveyed through the hopper suspended on the chain, which can be horizontal-vertical-horizontal combined conveying, and it can be fed at a single point or multiple points. A specially designed discharge device can complete single point or multiple point discharge. It has a fully enclosed, No leakage, no pollution, suitable for conveying various powdery materials and granular materials. It is excellent for conveying non-sticky materials. The biggest advantage of this equipment is that the composition is flexible and the damage rate of materials is low. Put an end to the production of defective products.